Adobe Illustrator CC for UI/UX Design

Adobe Illustrator CC for UI/UX Design


Course Description
Turn out professional-looking graphics for web or print with Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 software.
Through practical exercises, become fluent in the premier program for line art, logos, vector
graphics and quick page layout as well as tricks and time efficient techniques to keep work clean
and professional.
Class and Lab Hours: 25 Hours

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of Windows operating system required to learn this software.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, trainees/students will be able to:

1 Work efficiently in the Adobe Illustrator environment with various modes, panels, and
2 Use the entire range of shape drawing and freehand drawing tools to build
3 Apply fill and stroke colors to objects created with the drawing tools.
4 Use the full range of transformation and distortion tools to accurately modify objects’
5 Use the type tools, and the wrap, flow, shape, and path modifications to typography.
6 Design an advertisement using appropriate typography, drawing tools, and clipping
7 Align multiple objects, and create complex shapes from simple objects using the
Pathfinder panel and the Shape Builder tool.
8 Design a logo.



Syllabus: Download here

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